Fun Activities to do with your Kiddos!

Having the kids home for the rest of the years is an unexpected blessing that has many parents wondering what they are supposed to do to keep them occupied while cooped up in the house! It has even more wondering how they are supposed to teach their kids at home when they don't think of their parents as teachers. Since Liliana isn't yet in school, I don't have first hand experience with the second one yet, but here is what we do to keep things interesting while indoors.

Build a castle from boxes or a Fort from Anything.

Remember When we were kids and T.V. was a treat? We had to get creative to pass the time! Now you can share your memories with your kids! Build a castle out of those Amazon boxes. They can color it, write all over it and play games. This

castle has occupies Liliana for weeks! Or take all the cushions off the couches, gather all the pillows and some blankets and make a fort out of the kitchen table! Put a lamp in or Christmas light around it and hang out with your kids in it! Read books, play cars or dolls, what ever they think up. Your kids will remember it forever and it gives you a chance to act like a kid again! If you are perfectly content being an adult, your kids will still make it fun with their own imagination and activities. 😉 Reward them if they help clean up, so you don’t have to do it all.

Play-dough from scratch!

Making Playdough at home is a fun way to pass the time. The kids can help by measuring out the ingredients and mixing them! It might get a little messy but make cleaning up a fun game too! Here is a recipe for easy playdough. 1 Cup Flour and 1/2 Cup Salt - mix first

1/2 Cup Cold Water 2 Tsp oil - Any oil should work. Mix with dry ingredients. Knead well then divide into sections. Knead in food coloring, I used organic to get these pastel colors. I’d put some wax paper down to knead in the food color, especially if the kids are helping with this step. Store in Tupperware or grocery bags.

Make an Art Wall!

This started out with getting a package and not wanting to waste the paper fill. After tacking it to the wall I gave Liliana stickers and markers. Then I had all these egg cartons that I was saving and stapled them on. I also have plastic can holders and toilet paper rolls I’ve been saving to add on. You can glue on bottle caps and what ever else you or they think of. If you really want to get crazy, break out the kid paint and let them go wild. I haven’t gotten to that point yet, but this wall is a great way to be creative and pass time. If you are home schooling, as many are right now, maybe use the wall for fun teaching activities! Math problems, writing, etc. Let your imagination run wild, or let your kids. I’ve seen people make butterflies or bugs or even small villages out of toilet paper rolls too!

Start an indoor garden!

Have your kids help you plant seeds in an Aero garden, in seed starter kits, or just some pots and soil you may have lying around. Spring is just around the corner and watching plants grow from seed is a really cool thing to do with you kids. Liliana loves to scoop the dirt and put the seeds in. She even helps water them! You can start growing a pepper garden, cherry tomatoes, a fresh herb garden or flowers! We use grow lights with ours, but you can put them in a window and they will grow with a little water and love. Plus your kids will love to watch them grow and eat them when they are ready. I plan on transplanting mine into our garden outside once the frosts and cold have past. If your kids are anything like mine then they love to be outside, and they love to help.

What ever you choose to do with your kids during this time will be memorable.

As for teaching at home, I would try having the kids help to redecorate the dining room or room where they are learning with school stuff. Make pictures, hang fun homework projects, and treat it like they are in school with a schedule. School work, play time, lunch, art, ect. Other ideas from first hand Moms are really appreciated too. How do you separate home from school time? Post in the comments!



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