15 Minute Pumpkin Puree in the Instant Pot

It's Autumn! The leaves are changing, the days are cooler, vegetables are ready to harvest, apple picking, pumpkin patches, Pumpkin everything! If you are like me, you love pumpkin muffins, coffee, bread, pumpkin butter, and even our fur baby loves her pumpkin dog treats. I love those too because Pumpkin is excellent for a dogs digestion. Today I am going to share with you how to puree you pumpkins in the instant pot in 15 minutes! My daughter and I grew pumpkins in our garden this year and when we harvested them, she couldn't wait to cook them!

I know that you can cook your pumpkin in the oven for an hour, but we had a lot of pumpkin and I really didn't want to heat the house up all day. This is usually done with pie pumpkins that you can purchase as the grocery store, but it worked great on our garden pumpkins too! The first step is to chop the pumpkins in half and clean the insides out. If you save the seeds, wash them off and dry them, then you have a stock of seeds to plant next year too!

Next, cut them up into pieces. Add one cup of water to your instant pot, place the trivet in the base of the pot, then put in as many pieces of pumpkin that will fit with the lid secured. Set your pressure cooker for 15 minutes high. I changed mine to 12 minutes after the third batch for a little stiffer pumpkin. The large pumpkin skin was so soft that we were able to blend the skin and all into the puree. The smaller one had tougher skin and needed got be scooped out before blending. This will probably need be done with pie pumpkins too. After your time is finished do a quick release and blend or puree in a food processor. I originally jared all of mine in saved jars, but moved them to freezer bags as it is the best way to preserve pumpkin for a long time. I also filled a muffin pan and mini muffin pan with pumpkin and froze them too! The large ones are about 1/2 C pumpkin for future recipes and the mini muffin size are great for frozen pumpkin lattes or smoothies! You can use ice cube trays too if you have them. Try freezing coffee as well for the best lattes.

I have attached some recipes from Pinterest for the dog treats and pumpkin muffins. You can make tons of other stuff too, but this is where we started.



For the second recipe I use original almond milk to make them dairy free. They really are Amazing muffins! Good luck and have a wonderful Pumpkin Autumn!



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