Hi! I'm Heather

I am a stay at home mom, a homemaker and I love to stay busy. Most days Lily keeps me on my toes, but before she could walk and talk, I got a lot done. I still get things done, but usually in between crafts, potty training, house work, naps and bedtime.  ​

 We have done so many different projects with the house and  repurposing furniture.  I  also enjoy crocheting, making DIY gifts, gardening, painting, remodeling, writing books, you get the idea. After all that hard work and now that the projects are fewer, I want to share what works for me and how they get done. When ever I share with friends or family what I have done, they usually say, I wish I could do that. I have always wanted to learn how to make that. So I decided to create a blog! 

I also do lots of stuff with Lily, painting, arts and crafts, a lot of reading and playing. I wanted to include some blogs for some of the fun stuff we do too! Being a homemaker can be more than just raising babies and cleaning, though that is all I have time to do some days. I find it is nice to have things to do for me too, so that I can remain an individual as well as a Mommy and wife. 

Visit Enchanted Treasures Shop to purchase crochet items and any other DIY or crafts that I may expand into! Market bags are my favorite because I feel like I am helping to save the environment by replacing plastic bags. Saving the Planet One Bag at a Time! I take requests as well, so message me through the site, on Facebook, or Instagram and I will see what I can do. 

I plan on making videos of how to make things like DIY gifts, market bags, and other projects too. I will blog about how I do most projects, but sometimes a video is the only way to really get it and try it yourselves!  

If you like what you see, please join the email list! I am hoping to post as least once a week, once I get things up and running. If you have a special request, questions about a project, or want a special order, please reach out to me!

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